Invited Speakers

Abdul Ghani Olabi

Director of Sustainable Energy and Power Systems Research Centre at the University of Sharjah “UoS”

Abdullah Alluhaib

Senior Advisor, Technology and Digital Transformation, Saudi Electricity Company

Ahmed Al-Jarro

Senior Scientist, Aramco Research Center at KAUST, Saudi Aramco

Ahmed Bubshait

Director of Smart Energy Systems, Ministry of Energy

Alessandro Stagni

Assistant Professor, Chemical Plants at Politecnico di Milano

Aliaksei Mazheika

Senior Researcher, Technical University of Berlin

André Nicolle

Senior Scientist, Aramco Fuel Research Center

Antonio Attili

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Aseel Addawood

AI and data analytics advisor, Ministry of Energy

Daniel Mira Martinez

Head of the Propulsion Technologies Group, the Computing Applications for Science and Engineering (CASE) Department, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Heather Allen

Full Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Department of Pathology, the Ohio State University

Jihad Badra

Business Manager, the Research and Development Centre at Saudi Aramco

Joshua Ivanhoe

Machine Learning Lead, H2GO Power

Kangming Li

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

Ken Alvord

Head of Customer Success at CNTXT

Khaled Alshehri

AI Advisor, SDAIA–R&D

Matthias Ihme

Professor, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford and the Department of Pho-ton Sciences at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Mohammed Al-Abdulmohsen

Sr. Operations Advisor, Khurais Producing Department, Saudi Aramco

Patrick Burkardt

Research Associate, TME - Chair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems, RWTH Aachen University

Roberto Torelli

Senior Research Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, Transportation & Power Systems Division

Sasa Milojevic

Research Scientist and PhD Candidate at the Institute of Automotive Engineering, University of Stuttgart.

Sili Deng

Class of 1954 Career Development Chair, Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Wazen Al-Solami

Executive Director SABIC Manufacturing Digitalization

Yehia Khoja

Advisor, AI and Business Development General Department, Ministry of Energy

Yousung Jung

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST

KAUST Speakers

Aamir Farooq

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Principal Investigator of the Chemical Kinetics and Laser Sensors Laboratory, CCRC, KAUST

Luigi Cavallo

Professor, Chemical Science, KAUST

Paolo Guida

Research Scientist, CCRC, KAUST

Ricardo Pinto de Lima

Research Scientist, CEMSE, KAUST

Silvio Giancola

Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Initiative (AII), Visual Computing Center (VCC), KAUST