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The EFL is equipped with the state-of the-art engine technology from the AVL Company.  The EFL is equipped with wide variety of engine test equipment, including research engines, dynamometers, engine controllers, emission analyzers, and various diagnostic equipment As well as exhaust Measurement Systems. The EFL is also equipped with a wide range of crank angle resolved exhaust gas analyzers: a high-end emission bench for emission testing focusing on both certification and R&D for all fuel types; a smoke meter is used for measuring combustion particulates from internal combustion engines; a soot sensor for continuous measurement of low soot concentrations in the diluted exhaust gas of combustion engines; a gravimetric measurement of the combustion particulates; an FTIR measuring system for exhaust gases; and a CO/CO2analyzer system.


Cooperative Fuel Research Engine (CFR)

​The Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) engine is used extensively throughout the world for testing, research, and instruction in the performance of fuels and lubricants for the internal combustion engine.

Engine test beds: Single Cylinder Research Engines

​The Engine Combustion Laboratory (ECL) includes four complete systems of AVL Single Cylinder Research Engines. Two engines (metal and transparent) are dedicated to studying gasoline fuels and the other two engines (metal and transparent) are for diesel fuel research.