​Various state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is available for use by all center members.  The Center has a very significant investment in both coherent and incoherent laser-based diagnostic techniques for measuring major and minor species, velocity, temperature, droplet size and size distribution, and soot volume fraction.  In addition to world-class Analytical Chemistry and Visualization Core labs, the center has its own analytical chemistry capability for extractive sampling measurements of permanent gases and hydrocarbon species up to multi-ring PAHs.


10 Hz - PIV Lab and Flow visualizations

PIV is an optical method of flow visualization used to obtain velocity measurements and related properties in fluids as well as providing velocity vector measurements in a cross-section of a flow.

Soot Diagnostics

Measurements of soot volume fraction, soot morphology and soot particle size by using laser extinction method (LEM), multi-angle elastic light scattering (MAELS) and laser-induced incandescence (LII)

PLIF – Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Study

(PLIF) is an optical diagnostic technique widely used for flow visualization and quantitative measurements.

High speed OH-PLIF system

Simultaneous application of PIV and LIF techniques contributed to better understanding of turbulence–flame interaction, including flame extinction phenomena in turbulent non-premixed jet flames,..