The Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) collaborates on research projects with several world-renowned industries. CCRC's world-class faculty, researchers, and students help companies solve their most challenging problems.

These R&D collaborations also open new doors to talent development for KAUST graduate students through research, internships, engineering forums, and other opportunities to expand knowledge and skills for the future marketplace.

Some of our research partners are listed below.

Research collaboration on the gasification of heavy liquids.


Research collaboration on high pressure corrosion of gas turbine blades.


Collaborative research on additives, inhibitors, and catalysts.

General Electric

Research Collaborations on crude oil combustion and gas turbine combustion research.

McLaren Racing

Research Collaboration on Formula 1 fuel/engine design.

Saudi Aramco R&DC

Research Collaborations on Improving combustion of clean fuels, advanced engine research, emissions sensing, hydrogen carriers, and lubricants development

Saudi Electricity Company

Research Projects include the 'Utilization of low sulfur/high asphaltene HFO/VRO emulsion' and 'Effects of emulsified fuels on gas turbine performance'.

The Boeing Company

Research collaborations on Plasma ignition and Flame arrestors.

Volvo Trucks

Research collaboration on the 8-stroke engine for 60% fuel efficiency.