Engine test beds: Single Cylinder Research Engines

Brand: AVL

Model: Single Cylinder Research Engines


The Engine Combustion Laboratory (ECL) includes four complete systems of AVL Single Cylinder Research Engines.  Two engines (metal and transparent) are dedicated to studying gasoline fuels and the other two engines (metal and transparent) are for diesel fuel research.  All engines are "dual-fuel" capable that combine both multi-point port fuel injection system (MPFI) and Direct Injection system (DI) with independent precise fuel consumption measurement, conditioning and control systems.  In-cylinder visualization is achieved via AVL Visioscope supported by Thermovision application.  Analysis of mixture formation and flame characterization is accomplished by using AVL advanced fiber optics installed directly into engines' cylinder-head.  A fast Gas Sampling Valve (f-GSV) is also installed in the cylinder-head for in-cylinder sampling.  The cylinder-heads of all engines are equipped with Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing systems (Ti-VCT) that are integrated into AVL ECU for control.  The engine facilities are controlled by AVL PUMA Open Automation System.    

A cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) engine has been heavily modified and converted to a research engine for advanced fuels research.  The engine is equipped with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) module and instrumented with sophisticated indicating systems, sensors and controls.  The engine also has a low pressure EGR loop and fiber optics for flame measurements and mixture quality evaluation.  A fast Gas Sampling Valve (f-GSV) is installed in the cylinder-head for in-cylinder sampling.  The engine is fully automated and operated remotely from the engine control room.