Powering a sustainable energy future



13 March, 2024

Partnering with ENOWA, NEOM for a sustainable dual-fuel engine project

Prof. James Turner from CCRC and KAUST Core Labs are partnering with ENOWA, NEOM for a sustainable dual-fuel engine project.

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22 November, 2023

Capturing Clean Energy from Tropical Seas

Tapping the Red Sea’s warm surface waters could deliver a continual flow of renewable electricity, ideal for Saudi Arabia's island communities.

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08 November, 2023

Results through boundary-breaking research

Innovation happens at the edge of disciplinary boundaries, shows one researcher.

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Collaborating with world-renowned partners

At the CCRC collaboration with industry, government and academia in the search for solutions to sustainable energy is our top priority. 

CCRC Report

End of Year 2023

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