Yedhu Krishna, Ph.D.


​​Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

My research interest lies in the development of advanced optical diagnostic techniques for engineering applications. More specifically, my research involves implementation of optical and spectroscopic techniques such as tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), filtered Rayleigh scattering (FRS), Raman spectroscopy, two-color ratio pyrometry etc. for conducting quantitative measurements in high speed air flows, plasmas or/and combustion. These measurements help to develop a better understanding of the underlying physics of these applications. While my current research is interdisciplinary and applied in nature, I am also interested in studying fundamental problems in optics and photonics.

Selected Publications

  • High-speed filtered Rayleigh scattering thermometry in premixed flames through narrow channels
    Y. Krishna, A.M. Mahuthannan, L. Xinguang, D.A. Lacoste, G. Magnotti
    Combustion and Flame 225, 329-339, (2021)
  • Single-shot imaging of major species and OH mole fractions and temperature in non-premixed H2/N2 flames at elevated...
    T.F. Guiberti, Y. Krishna, W.R. Boyette, C. Yang, W.L. Roberts, G. Magnotti
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, (2020)
  • Assessment of the stabilization mechanisms of turbulent lifted jet flames at elevated pressure using combined 2-D d...
    T.F. Guiberti, W.R. Boyette, Y. Krishna, W.L. Roberts, A.R. Masri, G. Magnotti
    Combustion and Flame 214, 323-335, (2020)
  • Mole fraction measurement through a transparent quarl burner using filtered rayleigh scattering
    Y. Krishna, A.M. Elbaz, Y. Yue, and G. Magnotti
    Applied Optics 58 (20), 5575-5586, (2019)
  • Time-resolved temperature characterization of a hypersonic shock layer using a single high-speed color camera for a...
    S. Deep, Y. Krishna, and G. Jagadeesh
    Measurement Science and Technology 30, 095301, (2019)
  • High-speed Rayleigh-Raman measurements with subframe burst gating
    Y. Krishna, H. Tang, A. M. Elbaz, and G. Magnotti
    Optics Letters, , Vol: 44, No: 17, 2019, Pages 4091-4094, (2019)
  • Detection of Spatial Variation in Hypersonic Nozzle Flow Using Diode Laser Spectroscopy
    Y. Krishna, S. L. Sheehe, and S. O’Byrne
    AIAA Journal, (2018)
  • Effect of noise-induced wavelength fluctuation in tunable diode lasers on narrow-linewidth absorption measurements
    Y. Krishna, S. O’Byrne, M. Kannan, and G. Jagadeesh
    Applied Optics, (2018)
  • Temperature characterization of a radiating gas layer using digital-single-lens-reflexcamera-based two-color ratio ...
    S. Deep, Y. Krishna, and G. Jagadeesh
    Applied Optics, (2017)
  • Rugged, scramjet inlet temperature and velocity sensor: design and ground test
    J. Kurtz, M. Aizengendler, Y. Krishna, P. Walsh, S. O’Byrne
    AIAA Journal, Vol: 54, Issue 2, 399-407 , (2016 ) 


  • ​Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2015
  • M.Sc., (5-year integrated), Photonics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India, 2010

Professional Profile

  • ​2017-Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2016-2017: Postdoctoral fellow, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India​

Research Interests Keywords

Optical diagnostics High speed flows Photonics Laser applications Sensors