Vijai Shankar Bhavani Shankar


​Ph.D. Student

Research Interests

Investigation of Chemical Kinetics of Gasoline Surrogate components as well as potential bio-fuels using experimental tools such as Jet-Stirred Reactors (JSR) coupled to Molecular Beam Mass Spectroscopy and Internal Combustion engines operated in HCCI mode.

Selected Publications

  • A computational methodology for formulating gasoline surrogate fuels with accurate physical and chemical kinetic pr...
    A. Ahmed, G. Goteng, V. S. B. Shankar, K. Al-Qurashi, W. L. Roberts, S. M. Sarathy
    Fuel 03/2015; 143:290-300 , (2014)
  • Comparison of Jet Fuel produced by Shale oil and Biomass: Manufacturing, Emission and Performance
    V. S. B. Shankar, B. Khandelwal
    AIAA - 11th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference , (2013) 


  • M.Sc. Aerodynamics and Aerostructures, University of Sheffield, 2013
  • B.Tech, Automobile Engineering, SRM University, 2012

KAUST Affiliations

  • Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC)
  • Combustion and Pyrolysis Chemistry (CPC)

Research Interests Keywords

Jet-Stirred Reactors Molecular Beam Mass Spectroscopy HCCI Engines Gasoline Surrogates Biofuels Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Modelling