Partnering with ENOWA, NEOM for a sustainable dual-fuel engine project

13 March, 2024

This initiative will focus on creating an engine that operates on e-methanol and diesel, catering to off-grid and marine applications. The equipment will be tested on a KAUST marine vessel to supply auxiliary power while conducting research in the Red Sea.

The project entails the development and validation of a sustainable dual-fuel engine system capable of utilizing both e-methanol and diesel fuels, tailored to meet demands of both off-grid power generation and marine applications. This technological achievement involves modification of an existing diesel engine platform. This objective is to be realized through the process of methanol fumigation into the intake ports of the extant diesel engine. The successful execution of this endeavour necessitates critical design modifications to the engine components and the concurrent modification of an existing and sophisticated Engine Management Systems (EMS) tailored for seamless dual-fuel operation. The operational proficiency of this dual-fuel system will be demonstrated via a commercially available 150kWe Genset, thus rendering it a viable power source. The assessment of the system's efficacy and efficiency will be predicated on data acquired during engine testing procedures and trial runs at pier. The equipment will be loaded on to a KAUST research vessel to supply auxiliary power during its research endeavours in the Red Sea. Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) faculty, Prof. James Turner is partnering with KAUST Core labs to deliver this project to ENOWA, NEOM. 

Team members: Dr. Sreenivasa Rao Gubba, Dr. Giovanni Vorraro, Prof. James Turner, Mr. Haitham Aljehdali, Mr. Andreas Espinoza, Dr. Lloyd Smit, Mr. Hussain Alzayer, Mr. Ralph De Haan.