CCRC Hosts KAUST Research Conference - Near ZeroCarbon Combustion Technology, 2021

25 August, 2021

- Photo and article by Raheena Abdurehim

The Clean Combustion Research Center hosted the first-ever hybrid conference on ‘Near Zero-Carbon Combustion Technology’ from 21-23, June 2021. With more than 700 registered online participants, the conference showcased talks from 30 experts from academia, government laboratories, and industry.

Chaired by Prof. Bassam Dally and Prof. Gaetano Magnotti of the CCRC, the conference focused on three main themes.

Efficient power generation with integrated carbon capture

Talks and discussions were held on innovative power cycles, including supercritical CO2, coupled with cost-effective strategies for carbon capture for carbon-neutral power generation and the transportation sector. Keynote talks were by Prof. Jon Gibbins, the University of Sheffield on the “Global Picture on Carbon Capture” and by Dr. Jeremy Fetvedt, Chief Engineer at 8 Rivers Capital on the “Allam Cycle”.

Combustion of carbon-free fuels for power generation and transportation

Fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen holds the promise of combustion-free of greenhouse emissions. Experts speakers discussed the key challenges in the production, delivery, and combustion of these carbon-free fuels, and proposed strategies to overcome existing barriers to the development of a hydrogen economy. Keynote talks were by Prof. Jenny Larfeldt, Chalmers University on the “Combustion of carbon-free fuels for power generation with Siemens Energy’s industrial gas turbines” and by Trevor Brown, the Executive Director of the Ammonia Energy Association on the “Role of Ammonia to decarbonize transport and industry”.

Low carbon thermal energy for industrial applications

This topic focused on the development of low carbon thermal energy for use in the production of cement, iron/steel, and Alumina. Experts discussed the viability and options of decarbonization through electrification, renewable thermal energy, energy storage, and renewable fuels internationally and in KSA. Keynote talks were by Dr. Cédric Philibert, IFRI on the “International Trends in Decarbonizing Heavy Industry” and by Prof. Alan Weimer, the University of Colorado on “Two-step Solarthermal Water Splitting”. 

Visit the conference website for more information and recorded talks.