Congratulations to Prof. Thibault Guiberti for receiving "Best Presentation Award for Young Researcher"!

21 November, 2021

Article by Aliya Nadinova

Dr. Thibault Guiberti, Assistant Research Professor at CCRC received the Best Presentation Award for Young Researcher at the 18th International Conference on Flow Dynamics that was held on October 27-29th, 2021 in Sendai, Japan.  It was awarded in recognition of quality of content and oral presentation at the ICFD2021 for the paper Quantitative Measurements in Ammonia-Hydrogen Turbulent Jet Flames at Elevated Pressure (the authors are G. Wang, H. Tang, C. Yang, G. Magnotti, W. Roberts, T.F. Guiberti).

The objective of this conference is to explore new horizons in science and technology in Flow Dynamics by discussing and exchanging information related to the most advanced scientific fields and to cutting edge technologies. ICFD is now recognized by the researchers and engineers all over the world as one of the largest and the most important international conferences in the field of Flow Dynamics. It has also been playing an important role in promoting international research collaborations. Especially, ICFD2021 focuses on energy related topics, such as clean energy, hydrogen energy, and natural energy. 

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Prof. Guiberti joined KAUST and CCRC in 2015 as a Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Roberts. In 2017, he became a Research Scientist and in July 2021, he was appointed Assistant Research Professor in the Physical Science and Engineering division, affiliated with CCRC. Prof. Guiberti received a Ph.D. in Energy from Centrale-Supelec (now known as Paris-Saclay University), France, in 2015. He received the Habilitation to Direct Research from Toulouse III University, France, in 2020. His research interests include turbulent reactive flows, optical diagnostics, combustion of carbon-free fuel such as hydrogen and ammonia.