Rombout Swanborn

Founder and Director at HyET Hydrogen


Rombout is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of several businesses based around separation technologies he developed himself. These technologies enabled the Oil & Gas industry to lower upstream costs and increase recoverable reserves, while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of oil & gas production. 

Rombout has PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Delft, The Netherlands. He has founded the HyET Group, which focuses on accelerating the energy transition. The HyET Group encompasses various activities, ranging from generating cost-effective renewable power using Solar PV to the production of Synthetic Aviation Fuels. 

Besides these activities, he pursues his passion for nature conservancy in his role as chairman of Africa’s Eden, with several long-running projects in Gabon and São Tomé & Príncipe. 

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12:00 PM
Rombout Swanborn

Founder and Director at HyET Hydrogen

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Associate Professor at TU Delft in The Netherlands

Rajesh K. Ahluwalia

Manager, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Argonne National Laboratory