KAUST Research Conference

Hydrogen-Based Mobility and Power

October 23-26, 2022

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


Delegates from academia, government laboratories, and industry are invited to attend the 2022 in-person conference on 'Hydrogen-Based Mobility and Power’ hosted and organized by the Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) at KAUST.




The conference will be organized around three topical areas:


  1. Use of Hydrogen and Ammonia for Mobility and Power Generation: This topic explores technologies to efficiently convert hydrogen in the power generation and transportation sector.  These will be discussed against road, rail, marine, and aviation as the primary modes of transport, and how hydrogen could be a key enabler for the Mobility as a Service sector.

  2. Production and Availability of Hydrogen and Ammonia with Zero Carbon Impact: This topic will focus on the different means of manufacturing hydrogen with the possibility of its having no climate impact. The subjects of life-cycle analysis and the monitoring of robust sequestration will be discussed here, particularly with regard to hydrogen being able to provide a greener alternative to batteries as an energy storage solution. The feasibility of distributing hydrogen via an ammonia pathway will be discussed in this section as well. 

  3. Infrastructure and Distribution of Hydrogen and Ammonia: This topic will focus on the challenges of realizing an infrastructure for such carbon-free fuels, including containing, transporting, and transferring them from infrastructure to vehicle, and the best way to ensure that there is a coupling of demand and supply such that one does not outstrip the other. Scale-up will be an important part of this theme.