Aerospace Propulsion and Energy Systems Conference

13-15 May 2024

Auditorium between buildings 4 and 5
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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APES 2024 is organized by the Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC). The CCRC is a world-leading institution on the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy, electricity, or heat. These conversions are key for the design of new aerospace propulsion and energy systems. The topic of this conference is aligned with the two Saudi RDIs Energy and Industrial Leadership and Economies of the Future. APES 2024 will focus on three areas, covering a broad range of applications:

  1.    Aerospace propulsion
  2.    Aerospace energy systems
  3.    Sensing and diagnostics for aerospace systems


The first area, Aerospace propulsion, will explore promising strategies for rockets and satellites propulsion. 
The second area, Aerospace energy systems, will focus on the specificity of energy systems in aerospace environment. Topics related to fire safety and fuel storage and utilization will be discussed. 
The third area, Sensing and diagnostics for aerospace systems, deals with new techniques to record, process, and act-on signals recorded in aerospace propulsion and energy systems. Weight and robustness are two key factors in the development of aerospace technologies, and the development of new diagnostics, based on miniaturized devices will be presented.


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