Andrew R. Maloney

Center Operations Manager

Amani M. Basagur

Executive Secretary

Khalil Djebbi

Safety Officer

Raheena Abdurehim

Web and Communication Coordinator

Et-touhami Es-sebbar, Ph.D.

Research Infrastructure Manager

Adrian Ichim

Laboratory Supervisor

Research Interest: Advanced Engine Combustion, Future Fuels

Martina Nagl

Laboratory Design & Management Engineer

David White

Engineering Technician

Zhen Jiang

Research Technician

Earnesto Thachil

Laser Safety and Operation Technician

Riyad H. Jambi

Engine Lab Technician

Aiping Chen

Research Laboratory Assistant

Research Interest: Hot corrosion rig, Oxidative desulfurization

Ziad Dawood

Research Technician

Umit Gorcum

Research Assistant

Khalid Alkhayat

Engineering Technician

Arjun B. Narayanamurthy

Research Specialist

Mark R. Brown

Strategic Business Development Officer

Aliya Nadinova

Administrative Support