Ling Cheng

Administrative Assistant

Ranero Bertolucci

Engeneering Technician

Research Interest: Marine ecology, Materials modeling

Shireen Hammoud

Admin Support

Andrew R. Maloney

Center Operations Manager

Amani M. Basagur

Executive Secretary

Et-touhami Es-sebbar, Ph.D.

Research Infrastructure Manager

Adrian Ichim

Laboratory Supervisor - Building 7

Research Interest: Advanced Engine Combustion, Future Fuels

Martina Nagl

Laboratory Design & Management Engineer

Khalil Djebbi

Safety Officer

Raheena Abdurehim

Web and Communication Coordinator

David White

Laboratory Supervisor - Building 5

Aliya Nadinova

Web and Communication Coordinator

Earnesto Thachil

Laser Safety and Operation Technician

Zhen Jiang

Research Technician

Riyad H. Jambi

Engine Lab Technician

Aiping Chen

Research Laboratory Assistant

Research Interest: Hot corrosion rig, Oxidative desulfurization

Ting Chen

Procurement and Admin Support

Ziad Dawood

Research Technician

Jie Hu

Electronic & Program Engineer

Umit Gorcum

Research Assistant

Ge Gao

Lab Assistant

Research Interest: nano catalysis, electrocatalysis

Arjun B. Narayanamurthy

Research Specialist

Khalid Alkhayat

Engineering Technician

Abdullah S. Almusabah

Operations Support Technician

Saumitra Saxena, Ph.D.

Application Specialist

Research Interest: Fuel Kinetics, Computational Combustion, Emissions, Hot Corrosion, Ash-bearing fuels

Sreenivasa Rao Gubba, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Computational Combustion, Emission reduction​, Alternative Energy, Inverse Diffusion Flames

Mark R. Brown

Strategic Business Development Officer