New Roles in the Center

11 May, 2020


​The CCRC congratulates Andrew Maloney and Mark Brown on their new positions in the center. Andrew Maloney, who was previously the Center Operations and Safety Manager, is now the Center Operations Manager. He will manage overall center operations, administrative and laboratory staff management, and oversee the financial issues of the center.

"With the changing times in the center and as we try to broaden our reach (and collaborations) with industry through Mark’s new position, there is a synergy to be got from combining the lab and business management functions into one role. How the center operates will become more transparent and efficient with quicker responses to the changing environment" said Andrew. 
Mark Brown who was previously the Center Manager in the center will assume the role of Strategic Business Development Officer. In line with KAUST objectives of increasing collaboration with industry, Mark will manage the center's engagements with extramural entities, including companies, research institutes, foundations, and government agencies. The objective is to attract new and grow existing external funding and work either independently or collaboratively, as required by a given project. 
“Putting the world leading research in the Center to work in industry whilst creating measurable impacts for the Kingdom and wider world is my passion.” commented Mark Brown.