Combustion Webinar | Prof. Bassam Dally: Adaptation of hydrogen and ammonia to industry

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Title: Adaptation to Hydrogen and Ammonia to Industry

Abstract: As the world moves to a Circular Carbon Economy mode, fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia have been suggested as alternatives to fossil-based fuels. Intense research efforts are underway to adopt those fuels to the many industrial systems that are currently operated on hydrocarbon fuels. The heavy industry is responsible for a third of CO2 emission and most of the emission comes from generating thermal energy rather than power. Also, most of this thermal energy is at high temperature or involve reduction processes and is deemed hard to abate. This seminar will provide an overview of the emission from heavy industry and examines ways where either hydrogen or ammonia can be utilized as a replacement of current hydrocarbon fuels. Examples of current research efforts and findings will also be presented and discussed, and a roadmap of research, development and deployment needs will also be presented.

Short biography: Dr Bassam Dally is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Clean Combustion Research Center, CCRC, at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. Over the last 32 years, Prof Dally has contributed seminal work on a variety of research topics under the broad field of Thermo-Fluids. His major contributions are in turbulent reacting flows, MILD combustion, soot in flames, plasma propulsion, mineral processing, hybrid of concentrated solar thermal and combustion, and applied laser diagnostics. Lately, his work has focused on utilization of hydrogen and ammonia fuels to decarbonize industrial processes. He has attracted millions of dollars for his research and has published more than 350 paper, 175 of those in leading scientific journals. He won many awards over the years, including ‘Energy Professional of the Year in South Australia’, and recently was awarded a Fellowship of the Combustion Institute. Prof Dally is the president of Saudi Arabian Section of the Combustion Institute and is the Program Co-Chair for the 40th International Symposium on Combustion in Milan, Italy, 2024.

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13 Apr, 2023
05:30 PM - 06:45 PM