CCRC Seminar - 31 August 2021

This week's talks are on:


Title: Tell Your Story: Tips for Effective Presentations

Dr. Nevena Tomic

Library Subject Specialist, PSE 

Abstract: A successful talk is a little miracle – somebody said. Do you agree that every piece of scholarly writing actually tells a story? Presentation skills are essential to every researcher and academic today. This session will help you to prepare and give a compelling presentation to different audiences.

Bio: Nevena Tomic is a Library Subject Specialist for PSE with more than 18 years of academic library experience. As a Subject Specialist, Nevena supports faculty and student research, instruction, and scholarly communication. She believes Open Science can make this world a better place



Title: Student Life in the CCRC

Nawaf M. Alghamdi

Ph.D. Student, President Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

Abstract: We will talk about the student life in the CCRC in general but will also share the strategic vision of the SAC and what initiatives we’ve been working on over the course of 2021.

Bio: Nawaf M. Alghamdi holds a chemical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS degree from KAUST. He's currently a Ph.D. student in Professor Mani Sarathy's group in the CCRC. He is the current President of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) in the center and has served as the CCRC student mentor in the past. He's passionate about learning and making an impact on the lives of those around him.



Title: A Cloud-based System to Manage CCRC Instruments

Dr. Et-touhami Es-sebbar

Research Infrastructure Manager, CCRC

Abstract: INFINITY is a cloud-based platform system to manage our CCRC-instruments at KAUST. Our lab users will need an Infinity account to access these instruments and services for research. In this presentation, we will outline the operational instructions, how to get access to the instrument, reserve an instrument, turn On/Activate a tool, and Strat/Stop a hardware interlock. Apart from this, an online demonstration will be given.

Bio: Et-touhami Es-sebbar has been the Research Infrastructure Manger of the Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) since 2018. His main responsibilities include assisting CCRC researchers and students, offering practical training to new coming students, managing high-value equipment and supporting the CCRC safety team. Before joining CCRC, he was a research scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland working on combustion chemistry using laser sources.

Et-touhami obtained his master’s degree and PhD in Plasma Physics and Engineering From Paul Sabatier University in France.  After earning his PhD, he spent six years as a research fellow in different fields, essentially to study plasma discharge, chemical kinetics and combustion chemistry using various laser diagnostics and spectroscopic methods



Title: Laboratory Laser Safety

Earnesto Thachil

Laser Safety and Operation Technician, CCRC         

Abstract: The pursuit of scientific knowledge has accelerated with the support of sophisticated equipment include laser systems. The use of the latter in scientific research has tremendously expanded in the past decade. These devices also pose significant hazards. Laser hazards are mainly classified into beam hazards and non-beam hazards. The goal of this presentation is to introduce, the knowledge of these hazards along with the method to reduce their risks to ensure maximum safety to our users and staff in CCRC.

Bio: Earnesto Thachil is Laser Safety & Operation Technician for CCRC. He is associated with lasers and optics for the past ten years. He has started his career as Laser Field Service Engineer. His experience with various lasers helps the center to create a laser-safe environment for its researchers. 


Event Quick Information

31 Aug, 2021
12:00 PM – 13:20 PM