HpHRc Workshop Update: Day Three

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The third and final day of the High-Pressure and High Reynolds Combustion Workshop began as usual with a light breakfast and registration at 8:00 AM outside the level 0 lecture hall between Al-Jazri and AL-Kindi buildings.  

The first session for the day was on “DNS of Turbulent Combustion”. The keynote lecture was by Dr. John B. Bell on “Low Mach Number Simulation of Turbulent Combustion”. The session began with a talk on "Direct Numerical Simulations of Laboratory-Scale Premixed and Lifted Flames" by Dr. Evatt R. Hawkes and was followed by a talk on “Direct Numerical Simulation of Flame/Spontaneous Ignition Interaction under SACI Engine Conditions” by Xue-Song Bai The session ended with a talk by Dr. Hong. G. Im on “Computational Developments Towards Direct Numerical Simulations of Extreme Combustion” and a moderated discussion.  

The next session of the day was on “Simulation and Modeling” which began with a keynote lecture by Dr. Epaminondas Mastorakos on “Recent Findings on Turbulent Flame Extinction.”  Next was a talk on “Effects of Real Fluid Thermodynamics on High-Pressure Fuel Injection Processes” by Dr. Joseph C. Oefelien followed by a talk on “Absorption Spectroscopy and Reaction Kinetics at High Pressures” by Dr. Aamir Farooq. The session closed with a talk by Dr. Fabrizio Bisetti on “A Glimpse of the High Reynolds Number Behavior of Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames via Massively Parallel Simulations” and a moderated discussion.  

The final session of the day and of the workshop was on “Experiments and Kinetics” which had two talks and a moderated discussion. The first was on “Review of Otto and Brayton Cycle using Argon as Working Fluid” by Dr. Robert W. Dibble, and the second was on “Stretch-induced Flame Extinction and Pressure Effect” by Dr. Suk Ho Chung.  

The workshop came to an end with the closing remarks presented by Prof. William Roberts, Director of CCRC. The Participants of the workshop also enjoyed a goodbye dinner later that night at the Al-Marsa Restaurant, Yacht Club.  

Click to read about Day 1 and Day 2 of the workshop.  


Event Quick Information

26 Mar, 2015
08:00 AM – 21:00 PM