HpHRc Workshop Update: Day One

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Day one of the High-Pressure and High Reynolds Combustion Workshop began with a light breakfast and registration from 8:00 AM outside the level 0 lecture hall between Al-Jazri and AL-Kindi buildings. 

The workshop officially began with a welcome address by Prof. Yves Gnanou, Dean, Physical Science and Engineering Division. He welcomed all the guest speakers and visitors and gave a small introduction about what KAUST is all about.This was followed by a welcome address by Prof. William L. Roberts, Director of CCRC. He also gave an introduction to the Clean Combustion Research Center, its facilities, programs, researches etc. 

The Morning session on "LES Applications" began with a keynote lecture by Dr. Norbert Peters on “Turbulent Combustion at High Pressures: New Challenges in Experiments and Modeling”, followed by a talk on “Large Eddy Simulation of Aeronautical Burners” by Dr. Bénédicte Cuenot and later by Dr. Venkat Raman on “Understanding Implications of HPHRc for Large Eddy Simulations”. The session ended with a talk by Dr. Vincent Moureau on “High-Performance Computing for Large-Eddy Simulation of Aeronautical Burners”.

The afternoon session on "High-Pressure Rigs" began with a keynote lecture was by Dr. Wolfgang Meir on “Optical Diagnostics for High-Pressure Gas Turbine Combustion”, followed by a talk on “High Pressure Combustion Facilities for Next-Generation Combustion Systems for Gas Turbines and Industrial Reciprocating Engines” by Anthony J. Dean.  Later Dr. Hideaki Kobayashi presented “High-Pressure Combustion Test Facilities in IFS and Recent Progress in Experimental Research at High Pressure” and Dr. Jong Guen Lee spoke about the “Effect of Turbulence on NOx Emission from a Lean Perfectly-Premixed Combustor”. This session came to end with Dr. William L. Roberts’ presentation on “Collaborative Research Opportunities with the CCRC in High Pressure Combustion” and a discussion with the speakers. 

Later, the visiting students, researchers and invited speakers visited the CCRC laboratories. The day one of the HpHRc workshop came to an end with a poster session and light dinner at the campus library, level 2, sea view area.

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Event Quick Information

24 Mar, 2015
08:00 AM – 21:00 PM