Seminar by Dr. Micheal E. Mueller



On Sunday, March, 2015, the Clean Combustion Research Center organized a seminar on “Large Eddy Simulation of “Multi-Physics” Turbulent Nonpremixed Combustion” by Dr. Micheal E. Mueller, Princeton University.

In this talk, Dr. Mueller explored two “multi-physics” complexities: soot and boundary in-homogeneities. He talked about the modeling of soot in turbulent non-premixed combustion, spanning from laboratory-scale flames to full-scale gas turbine combustors. He also presented the modeling of turbulent non-premixed combustion with in-homogeneous fuel streams. He explained how in practical systems, non-premixed combustion happens between air and fuel-air pre-mixtures often with variable composition and not between air and fuel. He presented recent LES results with conventional non-premixed combustion model for a laboratory-scale burner operating under such conditions. 


Event Quick Information

22 Mar, 2015
15:00 PM – 16:00 PM