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Seminar by Prof. Ruey-Hung Chen

A seminar on 'Combustion of Gaseous Fuels and Nanofluid Droplets' by Prof. Ruey-Hung Chen was organized by the Clean Combustion Research Center on Monday, June 29, 2015 at Building 5, lev. 5, Room: 5209.


Previous and current work of the author on non-premixed burning of turbulent gaseous fuel jets and evaporation and burning of liquid fuel droplet containing nano-sized particles is reviewed.  The implication and future work in the context of reducing pollutant formation will also be discussed.


Ruey-Hung Chen joined University of Central Florida in 1993 and was promoted to full professor in 2004.  Recently he has been on an IPA appointment as the program director of US National Science Foundation’s Combustion and Fire Program since 2012.  During the current year he is also the acting director of the Thermal Transport Processes Program.  He has published in the areas of combustion, fire-retarding composite materials, evaporation and boiling, supersonic mixing and noise, and particle detection.