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Seminar by Dr. Suk Ho Chung



A seminar was organized by CCRC on “Laser-induced multi-point ignition for enabling high-performance engines” by Dr. Suk Ho Chung. 

Dr. Suk Ho Chung, Named professor of Mechanical Engineering at CCRC, introduced a new technique of laser-induced cavity ignition and laser-induced multi-point ignition. 

An ignition system for future engines should be reliable and efficient to enhance combustion stability, since ignition not only initiates combustion but also influences subsequent combustion. With mixtures that are lean or diluted with exhaust gases, the ignition system has a critical influence on misfire or cycle-to-cycle variation.  

He talked about how non-conventional ignition techniques such as laser-induced ignition have become an attractive field of research in order to replace the conventional electrical discharge system. It has been suggested that if flames are initiated simultaneously at multiple locations when laser is used as an ignition source, efficient combustion can be achieved and total combustion time can be reduced significantly compared to that using a single-point ignition.