Emiliano Casati

Postdoctoral Research Associate, PREC group, ETH Zurich


Dr. Emiliano Casati got his Ph.D. in 2014 from the Delft University of Technology (NL), where he worked to advance the science and technology behind organic Rankine cycle power systems. He focused his research on solar thermal systems and associated energy storage solutions. In 2015 he was awarded a Marie S. Curie Global Fellowship, funded by the European Research Executive Agency (REA). He thus moved to ETH Zürich, in the PREC group led by Prof. A. Steinfeld.

His research interests lie in the modeling and experimental investigation of novel concepts for the capture and storage of high temperature (i.e., >1000 ºC) solar thermal energy. He introduced the idea of using molten silicate glasses for the direct capture and storage of concentrated sunlight. He is currently performing research on novel concepts aimed at increasing the efficiency and the scale-up potential of high temperature solar receivers.  


High Temperature Energy Storage

Efficient and scalable energy storage systems capable of loading and discharging energy streams with high thermodynamic value (i.e., high exergy) are paramount in the envisaged decarbonized economy.

This talk will first give an overview of the current state of the art in the field of storage of high temperature energy. The presentation will encompass a techno-economic comparison of current available alternatives. The second part of the talk will deal with recent research advancements in the same field, with the focus being on solutions which proved already promising at least at the lab-scale.

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