Bassam Dally

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Clean Combustion Research Center, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia



Professor Bassam Dally is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Clean Combustion Research Center at KAUST. Before joining he was the Deputy Director of the Centre for Energy Technology, CET, at the University of Adelaide, Australia. His research career and interests span a variety of energy related topics including, thermal science and engineering, renewable energy, renewable fuels and applied laser diagnostics. His interest in energy victors extends to hydrogen and ammonia, energy storage, hybrid energy systems and fuel adaptation to industrial processes. He is a co-inventor of two patents related to energy and has attracted in excess of $20m in research funding along with his colleagues. He has contributed to many public forums related to energy, co-authored three major review papers and more than 270 research papers in energy related topics. Prof Dally has received many awards over the years, and in 2016 he was named “Energy Professional of the Year” by the SA Branch of the Australian Energy Institute. And in 2019 he was named a Fellow of the Combustion Institute.


Hybridizing CST and Combustion for Power and Heat

The transition to low carbon future requires interim measures which allows the integration of renewable energy sources into existing systems and the development of new technology that integrate the new and the old. This approach is needed because of the intermittent nature of renewable energy, the cost of energy storage, and the need for firm supply by all consumers, especially industry. The hybrid approach helps in the cost effective integration of renewables and provides the certainty that industry needs. This talk will focus on the integration of renewable energy in the heavy industry sector and will provide examples where concentrated solar thermal and combustion can be integrated to decarbonize these energy intensive processes in a cost effective manner. 


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