Invited 3: Cryogenic CO2 capture

Cryogenics started in the last decades of 1800’s with the liquefaction of oxygen and grew since to serve many applications at different temperature range. While first commercial cryogenic air separation plants required removing CO2 traces from air to avoid freezing, CO2 capture at large scale started the same era (1930’s) with different technology and requirements to upgrade natural gas.
CO2 capture technologies flourished at the beginning of this century with the rising concerns on climate change and cryogenic solutions were pursued among other new concepts to decarbonize the power generation sector. While cryogenic technologies deemed commercial and economical, they have dealt with liquid and gases whereas CO2 cryogenic solutions would have to deal with solids, increasing the complexity and the challenge.
The talk addresses the status of cryogenic CO2 capture today, what are the latest developments and what are the bottlenecks to reach successful commercialization.


Mourad Younes

Science Specialist, Saudi Aramco Research & Development Center