Invited 2: Amine Scrubbing for CO2 Capture

This talk is a review of conventional amine scrubbing for CO2 capture. Conventional amine scrubbing will be a dominant technology for post-combustion capture.  Second generation amine scrubbing will provide an energy performance better than 50% thermodynamic efficiency, with an electricity burden approaching 200 kWh/tonne CO2 in the coal-fired application.  5 m PZ with absorber intercooling and the advanced flash stripper is a published second generation amine scrubbing process technology that should serve as the baseline for future improvements in post-combustion capture.  This second generation technology has excellent energy performance, acceptable capital cost, and good amine stability.  Amine aerosol emissions and amine oxidation are not yet completely understood and managed.


Mohammed Juaied

Research Science Consultant of Technology Strategy & Planning, Saudi Aramco