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Invited 1: Carbon capture and convergence using CST

High-flux solar irradiation obtained with optical concentrators is an excellent source of clean process heat for high-temperature physical and chemical processing. The area of solar thermochemistry aims at direct thermochemical production of chemical fuels and advanced thermochemical processing of materials. Cheap and efficient solar production of synthesis gas, the precursor to synthetic drop-in hydrocarbon fuels such as petrol, diesel and kerosene, is an intriguing approach to transform today’s fossil-based to tomorrow’s renewable-based transportation sector. In the most ambitious scenario, synthesis gas is obtained from sunlight, water and recycled carbon dioxide. This presentation gives an overview of recent developments in the field of high-temperature solar thermochemistry for carbon dioxide capture and recycling. The processes discussed include carbon dioxide separation via chemical looping of carbonates, thermochemical redox cycles for carbon dioxide splitting, and dry gasification and reforming of carbonaceous materials


Wojciech Lipiński

Professor, Australian National University