• KAUST Research Conference: Combustion in Extreme Conditions

KAUST Research Conference
Combustion in Extreme Conditions

March 5-8, 2018

Delegates from academia, government laboratories and industry are invited to attend the 2018 conference on Combustion in Extreme Conditions hosted and organized by the Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) at KAUST.


The conference will be organized around three topical areas:

  1. High-pressure, high-Reynolds number combustion: identifying problem configurations to provide new insight in fundamental aspects of combustion at extreme conditions.
  2. Advanced diagnostics: developing and utilizing advanced diagnostics for robust and accurate experimental measurements in high pressure combustion.
  3. High-fidelity and high-performance computation: development and validation of new models and simulation capabilities through comparison with experimental datasets.

It will bring together leading experts from academia, national laboratories, and industry to promote international collaborations in establishing the research and development direction for diverse new ideas towards clean and efficient combustion systems.

Register here, deadline for registration January 15, 2018


  • Discuss the latest and most notable research achievements in the area of combustion at extreme parametric conditions relevant to modern combustion systems.
  • Review the lessons from successful academic and industrial research programs, and identify challenges and opportunities for future research efforts.
  • Foster future collaboration and interaction among CCRC research personnel and the global research community.


The conference will feature twenty invited presentations by renowned experts in academia and industry and a poster session. More than one hundred attendees are anticipated, including faculty and researchers from leading institutions worldwide, industrial participants, students, and postdocs.


  • Fernando Biagioli, GE Power
  • Andreas Brauer, TU BA Freiberg
  • James Driscoll, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Frederich Grish, INSA Rouen
  • Omer Gulder, University of Toronto
  • Hrvoje Jasak, University of Zagreb
  • Sean Kearney, Spectral Energies
  • Alexei Poludnenko, Texas A&M
  • Zhuyin Ren, Tsinghua University
  • Steven Shy, National Central University Taiwan
  • Volker Sick, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Travel fellowships for students and postdoctoral researchers will be awarded on the basis of merit. Fellowships cover all costs associated with attending the workshop including airfares and accommodation.