• KAUST Research Conference: Combustion in Extreme Conditions

KAUST Research Conference
Combustion in Extreme Conditions

March 5-8, 2018

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Mission Innovation – Combustion Basic Research Needs for Carbon Capture

09:00 - 09:30 KAUST
  • Tidjani Niass

    Tidjani Niass


Mission Innovation seeks to advance clean energy innovation as a global response to the climate change challenge, provide affordable and reliable energy for everyone, promote economic growth, and enhance energy access and security. Carbon capture is among the seven flagship innovation challenges aimed at catalyzing global research efforts in areas of mutual interest to Mission Innovation member countries.

In 2017, the Carbon Capture Challenge completed an international workshop to discussion basic research needs in carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS). The workshop convened CCUS experts' from a variety of academic and industry perspectives to discuss breakthrough opportunities and international R&D synergies in CCUS. Combustion science was an integral part of the workshop discussions which resulted in identifying and prioritizing breakthrough combustion ideas needed to reduce CCUS cost and improve its performance.

This talk will provide an overview of Mission Innovation initiative, discuss the carbon capture challenge and highlight Priority Research Directions (PRDs) in the field of combustion for enabling CCUS. The internationally agreed PRDs are part of a synthesis report intended to serve as a key resource for the international research community, governments, and the private sector, helping to inform national R&D programs.