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Junseok Chang
Junseok Chang Specialist, Fuel Technology Division Research and Development Center, Saudi Aramco


Dr. Junseok Chang leads Engine Combustion team at Saudi Aramco’s Fuel Technology Research and Development Division. He has spent his entire 20years career in the field of internal combustion engine, advanced fuel, and transportation strategy development by extensive basic and applied research projects. Prior to joining Saudi Aramco, he worked for General Motors Research & Development center, where he dedicated to develop GM’s next generation lean burn engines and valvetrain. He also spent short time at the start-up company Transonic Combustion that made supercritical fuel injectors and fuel reformer. His main interest is to deploy the innovative research idea into the practical mobility solution on the road by bridging the gap between physics and engineering. He was academically trained in the thermo-science and heat transfer of the internal combustion engine. Junseok received his M.S. degree from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan.​