Combustion Institute-Summer School

Apr 01 2018 08:00 AM - Apr 07 2018 08:00 PM


The KAUST Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) will host a Combustion Institute-Summer School (CI-SS) from 1 to 7 April, 2018 to increase the visibility of combustion science to young scientists. In the spirit of KAUST diversity mission, the school will be open to global participants. We also aim to make this the first virtual CI-SS by having live high quality video streaming of lectures for remote participants. The KAUST CI-SS will educate students on how to innovate fuels, flames, and engines to ensure that combustion technologies meet the societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century.  These topics will be taught using a combination of lectures on fundamental combustion science together with practical laboratory sessions demonstrating how theory can be applied.  Instructors will include experts from academia and industry, in order to provide students with a broad understanding of fundamental and applied combustion science.​​

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