Seminar by Prof. Anthony M. Dean

May 18 2015 02:00 PM - May 18 2015 03:00 PM



On May 18, 2015, CCRC organized a seminar by Prof. Anthony M. Dean on "Development and Applications of Detailed Kinetic Mechanisms" at Building 2, level 5, Room 5220. Prof. Dean is the Dean of the college, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, USA


The improved understanding of elementary chemical reactions has markedly improved our ability to quantitatively characterize “real-world” systems. This approach requires development of accurate, detailed chemical mechanisms, which in turn requires careful analysis of the different types of elementary reactions incorporated into the mechanisms. This talk will describe our approach to the characterization of elementary reactions and the construction of detailed mechanisms. We will focus on the development of rate rules for various types of free radical reactions. Applications of these approaches to describe several hydrocarbon pyrolysis and oxidation systems will be presented.

Many applications of interest also require an analysis of the impact of transport on the chemical kinetics. This will generally require a substantial reduction in the size of the mechanism. Several examples will be discussed, including the impact of droplet evaporation on counter-flow diffusion flames, mixer design upstream of an autothermal reformer, and a non-catalytic approach to remove deposit precursors from syngas streams.