Sci-Café: Fighting the Villainous Superknock

Nov 10 2015 05:30 PM - Nov 10 2015 07:00 PM

​The Sci-Café is a lively and interactive discussion forum between KAUST scientists and community members, helping to highlight different research areas here at KAUST.  This month's Sci-Cafe focused on the Clean Combustion Research Center. 

The Sci-café was held at the CCRC labs in the Ibn Al Ibn Al-Haytham High Bay Laboratory (bldg. 7) from 5:30 to 7:00 PM on Nov 10, 2015. Drs. William Roberts, Robert Dibble and Mani Sarathy interacted with the community on what clean combustion research is actually about. The community were also given a chance to visit the CCRC labs and interact with the scientists and researchers to practically understand the research experiments carried out by the center.

The event was also widely covered on Twitter with #SciCafeKAUST.

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