A mid-infrared absorption diagnostic for acetylene detection

K. C. Utsav, E. F. Nasir, A. Farooq
Applied Physics B, vol. 120, issue 2, pp. 223-232, (2015)

A mid-infrared absorption diagnostic for acetylene detection


Acetylene detection


​Acetylene is an important combustion intermediate and plays a critical role in soot formation. Accurate measurements of trace concentrations of acetylene can be very useful in validating hydrocarbon oxidation and soot formation mechanisms. Strongest vibrational band of acetylene near 13.7 μm is probed here to develop a highly sensitive absorption diagnostic. Experiments are carried out behind reflected shock waves to measure absorption cross sections of acetylene near 730 cm−1 over a wide range of temperatures (1000–2200 K) and pressures (1–5 bar). The diagnostic is demonstrated by measuring acetylene formation during the shock-heated pyrolysis and oxidation of propene.            


DOI: 10.1007/s00340-015-6125-x


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