Welcome Prof. Gaetano Magnotti

Oct 28 2016


The Clean Combustion Research Center is very pleased to announce the appointment of yet another exemplary faculty - Prof. Gaetano Magnotti.

He joined the Mechanical Engineering program as an Assistant Professor on the 28th of October. Prof. Magnotti’s primary research interests are in developing and applying advanced laser diagnostics and imaging to turbulent and supersonic combustion. He is the principal investigator of the Advanced Diagnostics laboratory and he is affiliated with the Clean Combustion Research Center.

Professor Magnotti’s group focuses on the development of quantitative, advanced laser diagnostics for high pressure combustion and on their application to the investigation of fundamental combustion phenomena relevant to the design of next-generation, cleaner, and more efficient gas turbines and IC engines. Detailed measurements of various scalars and velocity in carefully designed canonical turbulent jet flames provide great insight into the physics of the turbulence-chemistry interaction, as well as providing much needed quantitative data for development and validation of computational fluid dynamics models.

Professor Magnotti is also interested in developing laser-based diagnostic tools for optically accessible internal combustion engines and for the study of non-thermal equilibrium flows such as those encountered in plasma assisted combustion and in hypersonic vehicles.

- by Raheena Abdurehim