Low Grade Fuels

Low Grade Fuels

​Objectives and Expected Outcomes

  • To develop generalized lumped chemical reaction mechanisms representing low-grade fuels to predict their combustion and pollutant formation processes.

  • To characterize ignition and pollutant formation behavior of low-grade fuels by using the fundamental experimental facilities at the CCRC, such as the shock tubes, RCMs, and laminar flame burners, complemented with computational modeling using the lumped reaction models.

  • To investigate and assess the co-combustion techniques by characterizing the effects of gaseous fuel blending in fundamental experiment facilities.

  • To design and construct an experimental rig to investigate the combustion of low-grade fuels in large-scale burners (e.g., circulating fluidized bed and/or cement kilns for petcoke and black carbon, and spray burners for HFO and VRO.

  • To develop and conduct device-scale CFD simulations implemented with lumped reaction models to characterize the experimental rig behavior.


  • Theam Leader: Im

  • Sarathy

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