High Fidelity Computation for Extreme Combustion

High Fidelity Computation for Extreme Combustion

​The proposed project will develop and conduct high fidelity simulations, both DNS and LES, at different scales that are relevant to extreme combustion experiments. DNS will focus on fundamental aspects of the pressure effects on various key phenomena, while LES will reproduce laboratory flames at unprecedented scales and fidelity, aiming for direct comparison with the experimental counterpart under Theme 1. For DNS applications, state-of-the-art adaptive mesh refinement techniques will also be implemented for enhanced computational efficiency in detailed simulations of localized combustion events.

Advanced computational diagnostic tools will make extraction of knowledge from the extreme-scale simulations, with contributions from external collaborators.  Key deliverables include software suite that allow intelligent local and global analysis of the combustion dynamics, reduced reaction kinetic mechanisms optimized and validated for the employed DNS/LES codes.


  • Theme Leader: Im (KAUST)

  • Samtaney (KAUST)

  • Knio (KAUST)

  • Tempone (KAUST)

  • Valorani (U. Rome)

  • Goussis (U. Athens),

  • Raman (U. Michigan)

  • Sankaran (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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