Clean Combustion Research Center Inauguration and Workshop

Feb 17 2014 08:00 AM - Feb 19 2014 08:00 PM


The Clean Combustion Research Center was officially inaugurated with all its laboratory facilities commissioned for operation on February 17, 2014. It coincided with the workshop that was held 17 to 19 February, where global experts in the area of clean combustion science and technology gathered to showcase the current state-of-the-art technologies and researches in the combustion field. 

The CCRC is based on the interdisciplinary nature combustion research, with expertise in experiments, modeling, chemistry, and physics, and thus, the conference was structured in a similar manner.  The conference covered the latest developments in underlying physical and chemical phenomenon affecting flame structure, emissions formation, auto-ignition, and engine operation, as well as numerical simulations for modeling combustion chemistry and physics using high performance computing resources.  Growing research areas of the CCRC were also covered during the conference, including advanced engine research, flame synthesis of nano-materials, utilization of low-grade fuels, next generation gas turbines, advanced diagnostics techniques, and high-pressure turbulent combustion.

The Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) at KAUST seeks solutions to the global challenges that arise from the combustion of fuels, particularly those of clean and efficient combustion, climate change, and fuel diversification.  Both fundamental and application-oriented research in combustion is being carried out based on the multi-disciplinary nature of combustion science and technology.  Experimental, computational, and chemical kinetics approaches are being employed to advance the state of the art and provide real solutions to some of society’s most vexing problems.